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Installing products in the app


"Menu" installation service

This service depends on coordination with the merchant according to the categories and sub-categories of each product

In which the cashier team is provided with the basic information of the products and thus the team installs the products

And add them in the program and arrange them according to the customer's desire.


1- Categories Example (Beverages Category, Grills Category)

2- Example items (items sold and unsold)

3- Variables example (size, size, color)

4- Averages, for example (add lettuce, without lettuce)

*Note: If you do not have any of the options, click on the first option that contains (0).

Category Example (Beverage Category, Barbecue Category)
How many products will be installed?
Variables example (size, size, color)
Example rates (add lettuce, without lettuce)
For more information see "User Agreement"
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