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Technical Support Plus

269.73 USD

Each software comes with its own technical support that covers the basic needs, and we understand that you need more peace of mind, that's why we designed your own technical support, to provide you with additional services and excellent features that make it easier for you to run your business.

Upgrade the services provided to get double support from "Cashiers"

In “ Technical Support Plus ”, the customer gets additional services for managing his facility’s account and continuous administrative guidance through video and audio conversations instead of supporting live conversations through the “Loyverse” program, in addition to the following features:

  • Account manager for your business
  • Coordination of the administrative back office and organization of the requirements of the “ LOEOIS ” program:

1 - Personnel management.

2 - Coordination and design of the receipt.

3 - Modify the list of items in case of failure to upload via CSV file.

4 - Organize the settings of stores and devices.

5 - Regulating the settings of open tickets and internal printers.

6 - Add and activate taxes on the selected products.

note :

  • This service is an annual subscription, and the date of purchase of the service is the date of its activation.
  • The prices shown are for a 12-month subscription only.
269.73 USD
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