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Loyverse Training Course


Loyverse POS Training Course

Course topics:

1- General knowledge of the program and its features.

2- Explanation and training of the back office and management control panel.

3- Explanation and training on adding items and categories and distributing the accounting tree.

4- Explanation and training on receipt design and linking printers.

5- Explanation and training on adding employees and their powers.

6- Explanation and training on adding suppliers and dealing with advanced inventory.

7- Explanation and training of sales skills and methods.


Loyverse Loyverse Point of Sale Software:

Program Advantages :

  • Inventory and warehouse service.
  • Support 24 hours a week.
  • Complete management of sales and cash online.
  • Unlimited number of items and products.
  • Multiple stores and access permits for employees.
  • The ability to follow up on sales via mobile.
  • Payment support in several different ways, cash, credit card, discounts.

note :

  • The subscription costs of the program are paid through the portal of the program.
  • You can download the program in the free version and try the paid version for 14 days.
  • To know more about "Technical Support Plus":click here

To register for the program: click here

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