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GZQIANJI 01 Bt Mobile Thermal Printer

125.55 USD
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A small and light mobile thermal printer suitable for all work that requires movement, for restaurants, for delegates, and many more..

  • Small, light, mobile printer
  • Battery life up to 6 hours
  • Easy mobile and tablet pairing (Android)

printing method

thermal line printing


thermal printing

Invoice printing speed

80 mm/sec

typography character set


Invoice printing line


Column capacity for invoice

Paper width 58 mm

line height

1.5 mm (W) x 3 mm (H) / 1.25 mm (W) x 3 mm (H)

icon set

95 alphanumeric, 18 international, 128 x 43 graphic

point thickness

200 dpi x 200 dpi

typography characters

Text (includes the euro symbol), graphic, barcode


Product Dimensions

88 x 110 x 41 mm (W x D x H)

Product weight

0.20 kg


horizontal Vertical

noise level

Operation: 59.9 dB(A)


Operating 10% - 80%

the color

black and blue


What's in the box

AC adapter, C, AC cable, Battery, Belt sleeve,

, Main unit, Rolled paper, USB cable, Instructions for use CD.

Paper Size: 57mm x 25

Paper Length: 80m

Industry: China



24 months

* Gift paper roll size 75mm *

*Note: This printer only works on Android systems

125.55 USD
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